Disneyland, Hong Kong dream vacation for 40 ‘Dar Al Atta’a children sponsored by OHI concludes - but the smiles live on!

Muscat: 19th 2010 – Disneyland – every child’s idea of a dream holiday. And for 40 children from Dar Al Atta’a, this has become a dream come true. Smiles and giggles were the order of the day as the children returned today after the vacation of a lifetime at Disneyland, Hongkong.

This week-long trip was organised as a part of the ‘Bring a Smile’ campaign that OHI has launched in association with Dar Al Atta’a to mark the 40th year of Renaissance of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

The director of the Educational Media from the Ministry of Education, Yousef Al Malahi and representatives from OHI and Dar al Atta waved the excited children off a week ago, and were also present to welcome them back. The children travelled in two batches and were accompanied by supervisors from OHI and Dar Al Atta’a. The trip was organised by Eihab Travels, an OHI Group company that provides integrated tourism and travel services in the Sultanate.

Their faces wreathed in smiles and excitement underscoring every word, the children were full of anecdotes about their trip."Ever since I heard about it, I’ve yearned to go to Disneyland. I couldn’t believe my luck when I was chosen for this exclusive trip to Disneyland, Hong Kong,” declared one of the children, voicing the sentiments of the whole group. In between trying out every single breathtaking ride that Disneyland had to offer, the children rubbed shoulders with Mickey and friends and took enough pictures to fill a dozen albums

“But the excitement didn’t end there,” declared another child. The organisers made sure the children had enough time to explore the four classic theme parks.

The children threw themselves whole-heartedly into the Disney Parade in Main Street, USA and marvelled at the amazing firework display. Tarzan’s Treehouse and an exciting Jungle Cruise were the highlights of USA Adventureland. Fantasyland brought all the Disney princesses to life, while Tomorrowland was a firm favourite with the older children, with its futuristic sci-fi adventures.

“Amazing!” “Incredible!” “Unforgettable!” were some of the adjectives used by the children to describe their holiday. Or, as the smallest child summed it up – “Now I know dreams do

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