Maqbool Hameed Al Saleh

Founder, OHI Group

1945 – 2023

Maqbool Hameed Al Saleh, the visionary founder of the OHI Group, made an exceptional impact on Oman's transformation and the success of the OHI Group.  

His inspired leadership was evident in his unwavering pursuit of goals, demonstrating the virtues of hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Through his entrepreneurial spirit and keen insight, he led the OHI Group to remarkable success.  

Beyond his professional achievements, he touched the lives of many with his warm and compassionate nature. Every interaction with him was infused with positivity, energy, and enthusiasm. He left a lasting impression on all.  

His contributions to Oman's growth and prosperity will always be celebrated, serving as a testament to his commitment to excellence. He set a high standard, challenging us to exceed our limits and make a positive impact.  

Maqbool Hameed Al Saleh remains an enduring inspiration for those who strive to make a difference. His vision, leadership, and compassion continue to guide us as we carry his legacy forward, ensuring Oman and the OHI Group shine brightly in the future.